Workers’ Compensation Program

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As a business owner, you do everything you can to protect your employees from potential dangers, but do you have Workers’ Compensation protection that is customized for your trucking business?

Obtaining the proper Workers’ Compensation Insurance for your operation is serious business and should be left to a professional. Our specialists at Trucking Insurance USA focus on helping balance your Workers’ Compensation Insurance needs with cost effective programs that provide unique coverage and superior protection. Our agency offer’s the products you need and the service you deserve to get your employees back on the road faster if an unforeseen accident occurs.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence. Workers’ Compensation Insurance also provides benefits for the employee’s dependents if the employee dies during work-related duty.

The idea behind Workers’ Compensation is simple. It’s a no-fault insurance program.  As an employer you pay for Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and in return your business is covered for work-related accidents.

Workers’ compensation premiums are determined through an equation based on the amount of payroll per job function within your business. Each job function is assigned a class code rate per $100 of payroll. These rates are set by the state in most states (there are also statutory states where only state-run funds can write workers’ compensation policies).

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is required by law in almost every state. Each state’s rules and requirements vary significantly. Trucking Insurance USA can help you handle these and other details.

Having trucking Workers’ Compensation coverage can save you and your business from costly lawsuits and employee issues. Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance protects your business and your employees from the risks that are characteristic of Trucking Industry.

You will be surprised at how much your trucking business can save by choosing to place your Workers’ Compensation Insurance with Trucking Insurance USA.


Protect your most important asset…the people behind the wheel. A truck can be replaced, but a person is a different story. Workers’ Compensation Insurance helps drivers get well and return to work as quickly as possible. Protect your company by protecting your drivers.


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