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Group Van Insurance

Buying the right kind of group van insurance is important to provide coverage to passengers as well as your company. Because you are transporting a number of people in your van, an accident could bring some very large medical and property costs should, regardless of who is at fault. Trucking Insurance USA wants to help you get the right kind of coverage.

The Coverage Needed for Group Vans


Group van insurance consists of several different types...

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How to Buy Escort Van Insurance

If your organization runs an escort van service, you will need to have special escort van insurance to cover the possibility of an accident. Carrying people around in a van requires specialized coverage, and Trucking Insurance USA can help you to be sure you have what you need.

The Coverage You Need

Escort van insurance must include the following features:

Liability Insurance – covers both bodily injury and property damage. Liability insurance will pay for the medical bills of persons in other vehicles, as well as the vehicles...

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Campervan and Van Hire Insurance Can Be Vital

Campervan and van hire insurance are important things to have when you are traveling or using such vehicles for any purpose. In some cases, their use will be covered by your existing car insurance, but in others they won’t. Furthermore, even if your current insurance does include your use of rentals, it may not cover everything you need. What are you using it for? campervan-and-van-hire-insuranceThe purpose to which a vehicle is being put can also impact the level and...
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Getting a Transit Van Insurance Quote

Before you start shopping around for a transit van insurance quote it is important to understand the difference in the types of vans on the market. There are actually five different types of vans. These include car-derived vans, micro-vans, small/light vans, medium vans and large vans. Transit vans are actually considered medium vans. What Are You Using It For? transit-van-insurance-quoteTransit vans are generally...
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