School Bus Contractor Program (Independently Owned School Bus Operations)

Nationwide data provided by School Bus Fleet Fact Book 2014 confirms school buses provide an estimated 10 billion student trips every year; over half of the USA’s student population is transported by school bus. Each school day in 2013, nearly 468,000 school buses transported 28.8 million children to and from school and school-related activities. Over half of the United States K-12 student population is transported by school bus. School Bus companies rely on commercial vehicles to get through their daily operations. Your company’s assets, and in some cases even your personal assets, are on the line when it comes to vehicle liability concerns.

Obtaining the proper School Bus Insurance for your operation is serious business and should be left to a professional. Our specialists at Trucking Insurance USA focus on helping balance your School Bus Insurance needs with cost effective programs that provide unique coverage and superior protection. Our agency offer’s the products you need and the service you deserve to get you back on the road faster if an unforeseen accident occurs.

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Vehicle Types:

  • Allowable Alternative Vehicles
  • Multifunction School Activity Buses
  • School Buses (Type A, B, C, D)
  • School Vans
  • Non-Conforming Vans






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