Class 8 Truck Insurance School

class-8-truck-insuranceThere is no Class 8 Truck Insurance School. . . that’s not a thing. Not because it doesn’t exist but because everyone has different language.

For instance you can’t get a Class 8 Commercial Driver’s License. You can get a Class A or Class B depending on the type of truck you drive. One of those types of trucks is a Class 8 Truck.

If you’re driving, especially as an owner/operator, a vehicle rated class 8, that almost certainly means you are going to need Class 8 Truck Insurance. That’s not Class A Truck Insurance. Insurance companies care about the type of truck not the type of license.

Most often when we get asked about Class 8 Truck Insurance School it is because the driver wants to lower his rates. Others want to know how to become a commercial truck driver, they just ask the wrong question.

If you need to get your CDL you indeed need training. There are three ways to get it:

1. Private Truck Training School
2. Apprenticeship with an Employer
3. Military Training

Doing this kind of trucking school is required to get your CDL. Furthermore reporting that you have participated in this kind of truck training can reduce your rates sometimes. Some insurance companies like that kind of thing.

Now if you do need Class 8 Trucking Insurance, then let us help you here.

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