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Looking for Van Insurance? Pennsylvania Residents Have a Few Options

Owning and operating a commercial van in the state of Pennsylvania means that you're under certain insurance requirements. You need to carry an insurance policy that protects your business, meets state requirements, and doesn't break your bank.

Below, we explain exactly what constitutes a commercial business van, and what requirements for van insurance Pennsylvania residents should know about:

What Constitutes a Commercial Business Van?

Any van that transports employees or goods is considered a commercial van. This includes minivans, delivery vans, and cargo vans. If you're using a...

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Car and Van Insurance: How it Works

If you have a car and van for your business, how it works dictates what risks it covers. You need to make certain you have correct insurance. When you use a vehicle solely as a private individual, the type of insurance you need is different from that required for a business. This is simply because the uses to which a vehicle is put impacts the kind, type and level of insurance.

Basic Insurance Probably Isn’t Enough

Commercial vehicles, unlike your regular car or van, are used for...
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The Right Car or Van Insurance Minimizes Risks

There is no way to ignore car and van insurance minimize risks.

Far too many people believe they can avoid the cost of insurance simply by operating on the philosophy “I simply won’t get in an accident.” This almost never works. Even if you or your people are the best drivers in the world, there’s no way to avoid every bad driver or neon sign that falls on your company vehicle in a storm. Even if the accident is through no fault of yours, dealing...
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Campervan and Van Hire Insurance Can Be Vital

Campervan and van hire insurance are important things to have when you are traveling or using such vehicles for any purpose. In some cases, their use will be covered by your existing car insurance, but in others they won’t. Furthermore, even if your current insurance does include your use of rentals, it may not cover everything you need. What are you using it for? campervan-and-van-hire-insuranceThe purpose to which a vehicle is being put can also impact the level and...
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One Day Van Insurance Isn’t Something To Skip

How does one even remember to get one day van insurance? You’re moving, but not across the country, only across town, maybe just a few blocks. One of the growing certainties in this day and age is that most of us have more stuff than we can move in the back of a pickup. You could call up every friend you have and load all your stuff into their cars, strapping your mattress on one and your couch on...
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Temporary Van Insurance is Worth the Investment

Life is busy and it is easy to get caught up in the shuffle. Before you know it your lease is up on your apartment and you find yourself preparing to move at the last minute with your buddy’s van. Before you start loading the van and hitting the road remember to take a couple minutes and invest in temporary van insurance. What is Temporary Van Insurance? Just like it sounds,...
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Getting a Transit Van Insurance Quote

Before you start shopping around for a transit van insurance quote it is important to understand the difference in the types of vans on the market. There are actually five different types of vans. These include car-derived vans, micro-vans, small/light vans, medium vans and large vans. Transit vans are actually considered medium vans. What Are You Using It For? transit-van-insurance-quoteTransit vans are generally...
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Van Insurance: Compare Options Before Buying

Van Insurance: Compare Options First. Take Action Later. The thought of comparing van insurance policies probably doesn’t sound that enticing. I mean, who wants to sit around for hours on end calling different insurance companies and comparing rates? Well, before you settle in for the long haul of boredom we thought you would like some pointers on how to know you are getting the best deal, and why you do not need to look any further than us! Read more

Get the Most Out of Your Van Liability Insurance Deductibles

I was asked to write an article about van liability insurance deductibles, and as weird as that sounds I thought I'd get it done. Liability insurance is the minimum you need to cover your van, whether it’s a single commercial vehicle or a fleet. Liability insurance keeps you out of legal in case of an accident or other incident that is fully, or partially the responsibility of your company or driver. If the policy is correctly crafted, you will...
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