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Charter Bus Infographic

Charter Buses serve us in so many useful ways. School trips, trips to the Grand Canyon, rock stars on tour, Farm-Aid . . . there is no industry immune to the power of the chartered bus. So we thought we'd make a charter bus infographic. We'd love to serve charter bus owners with any of their insurance needs. If you would like to ad this infographic to your site, copy this code:
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School Bus Infographic

You pass them on the road every single day, and if you're like me you hope that everyone around the bus obeys the rules and protects the children. IN honor of our most respected drivers, we thought we'd celebrate with a school bus infographic. Learn how we serve those driving our kids all over the countrywith the stop sign out and the red lights flashing.   If you would like to ad this infographic to your site, copy...
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Charter Bus Insurance Tips and Tricks

While your customers see your charter buses as an incredible convenience, you know that they are also a huge investment. Whether transporting a sports team to a game, a college school group on an educational field trip, or a family-and-friends party to their destination, you not only need to make sure that your customers have a safe, enjoyable trip but also that your investment is protected with charter bus insurance.

Charter buses are niche vehicles with niche needs that require niche insurance policies. Not every insurance...

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Have a Party Bus Business? Insurance Policies Have You Covered

A party bus can make for a great special night out on the town—stag parties, 21-year old birthdays, college graduations, even the occasional rowdy wedding party—but without proper insurance coverage they can give a party bus business owner a bigger headache than any hangover his patrons may suffer. Between drunken guests, extra unplanned passengers, and even occasional illicit recreation substances, it is no wonder than many insurance companies avoid providing policies for party bus businesses altogether.

As you can see, we at Trucking Insurance USA are familiar with the party bus business and...
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How Mini Bus Insurance Works

Mini Bus insurance is one type of insurance that often slips through the cracks at big insurance companies that don't understand your business. The average insurance agent usually makes one of two mistakes, both of which can be critical: either insuring your Mini Bus as a van, which fails to provide you with necessary coverage, or insuring your Mini Bus as a full-size bus like a charter bus, overcharging you and costing you unnecessary money.

Fortunately, you aren't on the average insurance company's website; you're on ours. Here at Trucking Insurance USA,...

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Do I Need Commercial Bus Insurance?

The combination of the potential types of commercial bus insurance and the different coverage needs are potentially endless and often misunderstood. There are also different coverage needs for different situations. bus-insurance-companiesA bus used by a camp will have some coverage needs and requirements; a bus used as a cross-country charter will have others. A bus leased to a school might qualify for insurance savings in some areas, but incur additional coverage requirements because it is used frequently and transports children. The...
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Do You Own a Bus Charter? Compare Travel Insurance for the Best Rate

If your business owns a bus charter, you need to compare travel insurance to make sure you're protecting your business. You need to carry a policy that protects your vehicles, your passengers, and your business. Whether you have an entire fleet or just a single bus that you use to transport people once in a while, you need enough insurance to keep you well-covered.

If you own a bus charter, compare travel insurance using these different components:

Liability Insurance



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Finding the Right Bus Coach Insurance For Your Business

If your business owns and operates one or more buses as part of your operations, you know how expensive they can be. The average bus costs between $300,000 and $700,000, depending on exactly what you need.


Like any other business owner, damage to an asset that expensive is going to hurt. You need to make sure that you have an insurance policy that protects your investment. Operating a bus coach without sufficient bus coach insurance puts your entire...

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Insurance for Construction Bus Matters as Much as Any Other Kind

There are any number of things that put construction workers and business owners at risk. Someone can trip on a step or fall over in an icy parking lot, people may sue or need medical care. All of these are good reasons to have solid insurance.

Don’t Forget to Cover Your Vehicles

When you’re working on trying to make sure your physical business is covered, that you’re protected against accident, damage and unforeseen disasters, you can find yourself juggling so many different balls, you don’t notice when...
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Bus and Coach Insurance

Bus and Coach is not a commonly used term by most people, like school bus is. A school bus is actually a type of coach bus so whether you are looking to ensure a fleet for the local school district or you are purchasing one bus for your company, you need to be looking for the same type of insurance. If for school bus, given that over half of all school-age students in grades K-12 use school buses as their main transportation to...
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