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Make Sure You Have the Best Commercial Truck Insurance Rates

There’s a tremendous glamor to the idea of trucking. Driving across the country, seeing new places on a regular basis, being in a number of ways, your own boss. There are very few people this lifestyle doesn’t appeal to on a regular basis. Commercial trucking is all that certainly, but it’s also hard work and whether you’re an owner or a driver, commercial truck insurance rates can be the kind of thing that drives the fun right out...
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Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania

Need truck insurance in Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania, and especially the Pittsburgh area, is home to thousands of truckers. After all of those miles on the road it is a great place to come home to and unwind. But without the right insurance for your truck how could you possibly take a load off? But don’t worry! We have broken down the different types of truck insurance coverage that will meet all of your needs. First and foremost: There...
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Getting a Transit Van Insurance Quote

Before you start shopping around for a transit van insurance quote it is important to understand the difference in the types of vans on the market. There are actually five different types of vans. These include car-derived vans, micro-vans, small/light vans, medium vans and large vans. Transit vans are actually considered medium vans. What Are You Using It For? transit-van-insurance-quoteTransit vans are generally...
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Van Insurance: Compare Options Before Buying

Van Insurance: Compare Options First. Take Action Later. The thought of comparing van insurance policies probably doesn’t sound that enticing. I mean, who wants to sit around for hours on end calling different insurance companies and comparing rates? Well, before you settle in for the long haul of boredom we thought you would like some pointers on how to know you are getting the best deal, and why you do not need to look any further than us! Read more

Car Hauler Insurance for Your Business

If you are starting a new business or you have already established your own company, you may still have questions about the necessity of car hauler insurance. Lots of businesses use car haulers, to include dealerships, auto repair shops, private corporations that serve as government contractors, and smaller moving companies that specialize in hauling vehicles. Whatever scale of business you are running, here are some things you need to consider when choosing the right insurance coverage for your car hauler....
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Get the Most Out of Your Van Liability Insurance Deductibles

I was asked to write an article about van liability insurance deductibles, and as weird as that sounds I thought I'd get it done. Liability insurance is the minimum you need to cover your van, whether it’s a single commercial vehicle or a fleet. Liability insurance keeps you out of legal in case of an accident or other incident that is fully, or partially the responsibility of your company or driver. If the policy is correctly crafted, you will...
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An Inland Marine Insurance Company Doesn’t Just Cover You In Dry Dock

Once upon a time seriously valuable property was transported almost exclusively by water. Cars, planes and trains didn’t exist, so sea was the only way to get anything long distances. When out at sea, there were pirates, storms and no GPS, so that just vanishing off the map was a much realer possibility. No one wanted to transport material if losing it meant losing everything and one good loss could do that. Every Inland Marine Insurance Company rose...
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Not All Bus Insurance Companies Are the Same

Buses need to be insured. The risks are too great which is why we pride ourselves in being the best of the bus insurance companies. Whether the kind kids everywhere hope will be trapped in their hangers by feet of snow or the kind you get a depot to take you on adventures to parts unknown, insurance is a critical part of their functioning. Carrying human cargo requires numerous layers of...
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