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Have a Party Bus Business? Insurance Policies Have You Covered

A party bus can make for a great special night out on the town—stag parties, 21-year old birthdays, college graduations, even the occasional rowdy wedding party—but without proper insurance coverage they can give a party bus business owner a bigger headache than any hangover his patrons may suffer. Between drunken guests, extra unplanned passengers, and even occasional illicit recreation substances, it is no wonder than many insurance companies avoid providing policies for party bus businesses altogether.

As you can see, we at Trucking Insurance USA are familiar with the party bus business and...
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How Mini Bus Insurance Works

Mini Bus insurance is one type of insurance that often slips through the cracks at big insurance companies that don't understand your business. The average insurance agent usually makes one of two mistakes, both of which can be critical: either insuring your Mini Bus as a van, which fails to provide you with necessary coverage, or insuring your Mini Bus as a full-size bus like a charter bus, overcharging you and costing you unnecessary money.

Fortunately, you aren't on the average insurance company's website; you're on ours. Here at Trucking Insurance USA,...

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Do I Need Commercial Bus Insurance?

The combination of the potential types of commercial bus insurance and the different coverage needs are potentially endless and often misunderstood. There are also different coverage needs for different situations. bus-insurance-companiesA bus used by a camp will have some coverage needs and requirements; a bus used as a cross-country charter will have others. A bus leased to a school might qualify for insurance savings in some areas, but incur additional coverage requirements because it is used frequently and transports children. The...
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Commercial Insurance Van Tips and Tricks

Commercial vans are the small cogs that serve as the boots on the ground of local business. Whether used by local couriers, expediters, caterers, florists, plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, or any number of other professionals, small and local businesses would not be possible without the use of commercial vans.

However, with small businesses come big risks and potential expenses. Small business owners know that margins can be tight and that it is not easy to obtain affordable commercial insurance. Van businesses have special needs and protecting...

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Truck Insurance Online Quote

Over the last two decades, the Internet has brought us amazing things. Twenty years ago, the notion of sending a letter instantly directly from your home to the home of any family member or friend would have seemed ridiculous. Being able to operate a global business out of your garage would have seemed impossible. Buying Christmas or birthday presents from the comfort of your home would have been crazy.

Of course, all of these things are now not only possible, but also so common that we...

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Truck Insurance Owner Operator Trucking Needs

Being an owner-operator is rewarding, but it's also hard. Not only do you have to balance time away from home with your professional goals, but you also have to handle the daily grind of life on the road and the paperwork that comes along with being your own boss. We can help with your truck insurance owner operator trucking needs.

Trucking Insurance USA knows how hard it is to navigate both the open road and the confusing maze of bureaucracy and insurance regulations. We are here...

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Business Owners Insurance, Flatbed Loads and Beyond


While flatbeds are both versatile and powerful, capable of transporting not only large cargo but also machinery, they have a variety of unique insurance needs. Business owners should be aware of the insurance needs of not only the flatbed trailer, but the trailer load as well. Due to the exposed and visible nature of the load on the trailer, flatbeds are often attractive targets for theft. Sometimes thieves may steal the cargo directly, but due to the relative simplicity of flatbed hitch mechanisms,...

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Liability Insurance Companies: Flatbed Loads and More

Every trucker has some idea of what liability insurance is. After all, primary liability insurance is mandatory for a truck to be legally on the road. However, there are multiple types of liability insurance, and a fair amount of confusion surrounding them. Some types of insurance are purchased directly by the driver or owner/operator; others are purchased by the company or companies for which they drive that they drive for. The experts at Trucking Insurance USA would prefer that you avoid all this confusion, so we provide a brief breakdown on the...

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Who Needs Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance?

Heavy goods vehicles and tractor-trailers are the serious trucks of trucks. Whether transporting cross-country or cross-town, these vehicles are the backbone of American industry. The terms heavy goods vehicle (used mostly in the UK/EU and Canada) and tractor-trailer (in the U.S.) encompass a wide variety of vehicle types and uses.

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Regardless of whether your vehicles haul freight cross-country or are used locally to transport construction materials, Trucking Insurance USA is ready to handle all of your heavy goods vehicle insurance needs....

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What You Should Know About Heavy Equipment Haul Car Insurances

Car haulers are necessary for businesses that need to move vehicles from one place to another. If you're a mechanic or a body shop, it's likely that you have at least one car hauler. Many towing companies even keep one or two car haulers on hand in case they're working with a vehicle that cannot be otherwise towed.

Heavy equipment haul car insurances are necessary, but they require a complicated insurance policy. Many companies don't offer car hauling insurance and information is scarce. At Trucking Insurance...

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